Front door is a must have whether in commercial or residential buildings. There are different materials that make up front doors. They vary from wooden, steel or fiberglass depending with your taste.

Front door has to be appealing to the eye as it is one of the first feature you see when you enter the compound. Thus, you have to apply proper care for it to remain as good as new.

Here are some of the things you need to do to maintain the beautiful view of your front doors;

Cleaning of The Door

Cleanness is one of the most important things you can offer yourself. Your surrounding has to be neat and so be it to your doors. Cleaning them entails the following;

Steel doors

Use water in a bucket and add some vinegar and mild detergent. Using a soft cloth or a sponge, scrub the door with the mixed water until every spot goes away. Rinse with clean water and pat dry.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are very sensitive to much water. Hence, be careful. Using little warm water, mild soap and a sponge, wipe the door until its sparkling clean.

Fiberglass doors

Due to their fragile state, you ought to take care when cleaning them. Put some water in a basin then add some white vinegar. The presence of vinegar will help get rid of the dirt spots faster. Use a sponge for better results.

Frequent Inspection

Front doors need periodic check to ensure they remain strong and serve you longer. When it comes to wooden and steel doors, paints may peel off and the need to repaint is essential. This will add the shiny look of your door. Not forgetting to check the hedges, latches and knobs if they are still intact. Make sure you tighten them as many times as possible.

For the fiberglass, check whether there is any damage by direct sunlight. Pealing of the top coat may occur where you need to apply afresh.
 Security Purposes

Besides the stylish and lavish choice of front doors, security has to come first. Work with contractors who have experience in door installation. Do research on security issues around you then decide on which type to use in your front door.